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‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut New Trailer Reveals More Superman & Darkseid

One of the biggest issues that fans had with the 2017 film Justice League is that it did not follow Zack Snyder’s initial vision for the massive intended blockbuster of a film. Instead, filmmaker Joss Whedon ultimately became the one to rework and complete Justice League. As a result, fans were soon fighting to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League find a release. It was then officially revealed earlier this year that Warner Bros. was finally working on the project. Now fans can get a new looks at Darkseid and Superman in a trailer just released for the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

As you can see in the footage, while some of the film looks the same, there are some rather notable differences. This includes the above mentioned Darkseid, a villain that was played by actor Ray Porter before Joss Whedon had his scenes removed from the film. Now you can see Darkseid front and center in all of his antagonistic glory. It’s definitely a major change from the previous version of Justice League that made its way through theaters.

This trailer for the Snyder Cut of Justice League is still just a little tease for what’s to come, as Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League is no doubt going to be a massive take on the DC franchise. Let’s just hope that the new reworked version of the movie will live up to the expectations that have been built over the years.

Fans will finally be able to watch the highly anticipated and elusive Snyder Cut of Justice League as it was originally intended by Zack Snyder next year in 2021. The “Snyder Cut”, which is being appropriately advertised as Zack Snyder’s Justice League, will be available on WarnerMedia’s streaming service HBO Max once it is finally released.

What else is interesting, is that this “Snyder Cut” of Justice League will actually first be released in four one-hour parts on the streaming service. After that, it will be available on HBO Max as one incredibly massive four-hour long superhero movie.

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