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Sting Agrees To AEW Contract; Makes Debut On Dynamite

When it comes to the greatest pro wrestlers in the pantheon of legends the sport has to offer, there are a few names that will always rise to the top of the list. Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, HBK. These names are synonymous with sports entertainment. But, there is one other name that is on that list, one that should be on everyone’s Mount Rushmore of wrestling: The Icon, Sting. With a long and storied career in the sport, Sting was the foundation of WCW. After WWE bought the company, Sting went on to a successful run in TNA before finally making the jump to the biggest sports entertainment company in the world in 2014.

Sting graced WWE with his presence, and joined the Hall of Fame, but received a career ending injury in just his fourth match, causing fans to never get the most desired dream match ever: Sting vs. Undertaker. With that, Sting stayed at home until his contract was up, and decided not to renew. Now, he is making his presence felt in a new wrestling company that is taking the world by storm; AEW.

Sting shocked the world on Wednesday night when his music hit and he came down the ramp during Team Taz’s beatdown of Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Arn Anderson, and Darby Allin. His mere presence scared off the heels before he even entered the ring. While his intentions are unknown at the moment, it would seem that he has come to AEW to help Cody and his team with their problem. Shortly after the segment, AEW officials took to Twitter to announce that Sting was signed on with the company. He has signed a 5 year deal, but it is unclear if he’ll actually wrestle a match or be more of a figurehead for the company.

The lineage of Sting is legendary, to say the least. While some have complained that AEW has quickly turned into WWE rejects, adding the caliber of The Icon to their brand helps legitimize them even further. They will certainly see a ratings boost in the weeks to come as wrestling fans tune in to see exactly what Sting has up his sleeve (besides his iconic black bat).

Are you excited to see Sting in AEW? Let us know in the comments below!

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