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WHAT IF… Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Returned For Sony’s VENOM Solo Movie?

In a previous article, I mentioned my theory that Sony will reprise Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in their solo Venom film, reported to be separate from the MCU.

Venom Marvel Comics

Some of you thought that was preposterous. Especially since Tom Holland did such a stellar job in Captain America: Civil War. But, what if?

That’s right. Like the old Marvel title, “What If?” It invited readers to open up their minds, and imagine things like, “What if Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer Of Thor?” (Which she did just a few years ago, around the second Secret Wars, when the God[dess] of Thunder bent genders) or “What If Captain America Hadn’t Vanished During World War II?”

Marvel What If Comics

What if Andrew Garfield really wasn’t fired, and he will make an appearance in Venom?

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man

Director Drew Goddard (Daredevil, Cabin in the Woods) still has hopes for his Sinister Six film. But would it stand-alone, butt into the rest of the MCU, or exist in the original cineverse as planned? Furthermore, the Venom movie that Sony is planning is reported to be separate from the MCU. If these both are Sony-only-produced, then I recommend for them to connect.

Yes, shared universes are the thing……

Spider-Man Villains
……..and really, are the way to go. Why have the movies separate, anyway? And if Sinister Six and Venom are in a cineverse together, then it would be pointless for them to exist without Spider-Man.

Simultaneous Alternate Versions

That whole five minutes where there were two Quicksilvers running around was awesome. I like having more than one choice at a time. Why do I have to wait until two or three more movies to see a different take on a character. There were two James Bond movies in 1983 – one had Roger Moore, and the other Sean Connery, since passing the suit onto Moore. In DC right now you got two Flashes, and two Batmans (well, two Bruce Waynes). It’s a shame the MCU had to kill of their speedster.

While Andrew Garfield wasn’t my favorite Peter Parker, I was sad to see that cineverse go. I was looking forward to the stories that were set up in Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s too bad to see them wasted, just because of reboots.

Not a web to swing on

Spider-Man actorsHow are they going to tell Venom’s story without Peter Parker. Just say that Eddie Brock was the first and only host of the symbiote? Who are the Sinister Six going to assemble against? Another hero that Sony still has the rights to?

If Sony keeps their movies away from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, or any Spider-Man for that matter, then they will have to have a lot of creativity on their hands.

Spider-Man Captain America: Civil War
Until then, I am anxious to see what’s in store for Holland’s Spidey. Ok, so he won’t face off against Kingpin – that is, unless, Vincent D’Onofrio, and two-thirds of the internet have their way. But he will go up against Vulture. And he will go up against Michael Keaton. Whether they are one in the same, is yet to be determined. I’m crossing my fingers that one day, he will go up against his Venom. And that Venom will go up against his own Carnage. Though, if Sony does create their own Venom, chances are, he’ll go up against Carnage too.

*Update* 12/6/2017 

Tom Hardy Venom Movie
Venom has now been confirmed to be a movie starring Tom Hardy that will feature Carnage as the villain and be R-Rated! It’s been said that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will not appear in the movie, so maybe this is possible – considering the Lethal Protector storyline is rumored for the film. Anything can happen, right?!

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