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Karl Urban Says He’d Love To Give Fans More DREDD

It’s been announced that we’re finally getting a Judge Dredd TV series which will be called Judge Dredd: Mega-City One. Fans are understandably excited, but the show is missing one key detail: 2012 Dredd star Karl Urban.

Though Urban has said he’s interested in portraying the iconic lawman once again, no deal has been made yet, though talks have been confirmed. In a recent interview with BMD, Urban said:

“…Rebellion is developing Mega-City One, which is the Judge Dredd TV series. I’ve had conversations with them about what they’re doing and I’ve let them know, if they write a character that has a function and a purpose and there’s a solid story to tell, then I’d love to be a part of it. I’d love to give the audience who loved Dredd more, because there’s literally not a day that goes by where people don’t bring up that film.”

Since the show is said to take on a more comic book accurate feel (the show’s concept art revealed that), it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. Urban has been a fan of 2000 AD his entire life, and fans really want to see him back in the role, so I have a hard time seeing how it wouldn’t happen. It just makes way too much sense.

Mega-City One most likely won’t be released until at least 2019, so there’s still plenty of time for everything to get worked out. For now, we still have the 2012 film to watch. Again.

Would you like to see Karl Urban return as Judge Dredd for Mega-City One? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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