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First Look At Brainiac In Upcoming Krypton Series Revealed

Krypton is set to premiere in less than a month and we have just received visual of the Collector of Worlds himself, Brainiac. Played by British actor Blake Ritson, Brainiac has a very uncanny resemblance to his original comic book counterpart. The time era of Krypton is vastly unexplored in the world of the comics with much of the focus put on the future with Kal-El as Superman.

Speaking to USA Today, Ritson noted how this will allow a lot of creative interpretation for his character:

“…something of a blank canvas that has allowed a lot of freedom for the writers to world-build. This is a major expansion of the Superman universe and mythology and the civilization that fostered the greatest hero that ever lived.”

He continues discussing about his character:

“He traverses the universe in a gigantic skull ship, ripping cities out of planets, miniaturizing them and placing them on board. But he does so in the spirit of conservation.”

His further description indicates tht Brainiac may actually be the main antagonist for the show, as he adds onto this:

“In his mind, he’s committed to the ultimate philanthropic act: saving all of creation. In many ways it’s analogous to Noah plucking out two of every animal to ensure their survival, even while knowing that others must perish.”

Interestingly enough, Brainiac might have had many media adaptations, but Krypton would mark only the second live-action version of the character aside from Smallvile, both being made for television adaptations. Brainiac’s extensive history to be involved in the films dates as far back as Superman III, ranging from it being Richard Pryor’s original role in the film to Kevin Smith’s scripting adaptation involving him and Doomsday.

With the DCEU broadening, Zack Snyder expressed a Man of Steel sequel with Brainiac would be “definitely down the road” once the alien invasion plot doesn’t repeat itself after Zod’s army in the first film, but with the box office results of Justice League and the reception of his previous three films, it is unknown if things will continue to plan.

Krypton premieres on SyFy March 21st.

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