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Justice League Wonder Woman Steppenwolf Nude Scene

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Very Random Nude Scene Found In ‘Justice League’

Justice League is out on high definition Blu-ray for your viewing pleasure, and one person viewed more than he bargained for. Nudity from Steppenwolf was noticed. The high definition of the movie does not help with the awful CGI effects, so this discovery only goes to show the massive budget for this film went into unnecessary details instead of obvious ones.

Steppenwolf’s nudity is seen when he is fighting the Justice League of the Mother Boxes. When Wonder Woman is knocked off a ledge, she uses her lasso, surprising Steppenwolf, showing is bare behind, and thus, surprising the unsuspecting audience. Yes, this little detail is unnecessary. But who knows? Maybe it’s a good thing they were so focused on Henry Cavill’s mustache that they didn’t put more effort into Steppenwolf’s butt.

It’s no secret that Justice League has had horrible exposure on their use of CGI. The budget was amazing, in a bad way, and the effects they spent their money on were amazing—ly bad. It is the one thing everyone can agree on. And we are in a time where everyone wants to argue for the sake of arguing. Even Joss Whedon agrees that the film is awful. He liked a tweet from a Twitter user who disagreed with the depiction of Steppenwolf. He received a huge backlash and un-liked the tweet, but it also lends a hand to the film’s other major issue: direction.

Zack Snyder also agreed that the CGI in the film was poo-poo, and everyone else agrees that Joss Whedon ruined the movie for Zack. He quickly became the outcast of the project, finishing something he didn’t start, reshoots and all.

With all of this super-powered drama “behind” us, we can all look forward to seeing what might come next after picking up on Easter eggs in Justice League.

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