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Deadpool 2 International Trailer

New ‘Deadpool 2’ International Trailer Released

If you have not had the time to catch the Deadpool 2 trailer, make sure you do – as it is really something. We see Ryan Reynolds playing the role of the badass in the skin-tight suit again, alongside some other familiar faces. Deadpool is a romantic story of an experiment gone wrong, turned into super regenerating kick assery. What is even better is they have released the international trailer for those who need the subtitles. With a release date of May 18th and the recent trailers coming out, the hype is starting, and we are following right behind it.

There has also been a release of movie posters and other images, and they are quite something. Of course, we see Deadpool with his humor falling out as he sticks his hand in Cable‘s ear. For those of you who do not know who Cable is, you clearly have not watched the trailer yet… tsk tsk.  We can only guarantee that this film will be just as funny as the first. There were rumors of poor test screenings which were eventually denied, with FOX later saying that testing actually did better than the original film. I couldn’t possibly grasp my head around negative testing as even the trailer caught my attention on many levels.

However, regardless of the rumors that have come our or been proven wrong, these posters really are funny and deserve to be spread around. We see different images like DP painting Cable (not really) and him baking a thanksgiving turkey. We also see him on the cover of Good Housekeeping. If that was a real magazine cover, I would pick that up in the checkout line at Walmart, the Deadpool way of cooking a bird.

What did you think of the international trailer? Are you excited for Deadpool 2? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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