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Deadpool 2 Julian Dennison

Julian Dennison’s ‘Deadpool 2’ Character May Have Been Revealed

Deadpool 2 has recently surprised us with the interesting cast of characters introduced with its latest trailer. We’ve gotten a better look at the plot with Cable’s storyline and a better look at Domino. We were even treated with appearances of Old Spice’s Terry Crews and Pennywise himself Bill Skarsgard. One thing that is continuing to make a big hole for us is the identity of Julian Dennison’s character, the “kid” that Cable is so keen on going after. This is undeniably a big focal point for the plot and Revenge of the Fans has made a very credible rumor that he may be Rusty Collins, AKA the mutant, Firefist.

Previous speculation on “the kid” and his importance to the story has gone from Thunderbird, Kid Apocalypse, and even going as far as a younger version of the original X-Men trilogy’s Pyro. However, the source has outlined some concrete evidence as to proving this theory. In a nutshell:

  • His fire abilities have caused some sort of event to happen and has a restraining collar around him that likely seals up his powers. This has happened to Firefist in the comics.
  • The same comics had him getting arrested for burning a woman accidentally. The arresting officer is set to flames as he escapes. The trailer shows a police vehicle catching fire with “Rusty” present near it.
  • Rusty’s first appearance is in 1986’s X-Factor #1. His presence in the original title and the fact that Deadpool is igniting (yeah, we said that) his own team after the name can’t be short of a coincidence.

Seems like a pretty plausible case. To add onto that, there is strong word that we may see more of his character in X-Force (which seems rather obvious at this point knowing his story) and even more interestingly, a connection in The New Mutants. Whenever that film decides to release.

We’ll find out for sure once Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 16th.

What do you think of this rumor? Do you think that’s the character the actor is playing? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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