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When The X-Men And Fantastic Four Will Reportedly Debut In The MCU

Many MCU fans have been wondering when we could potentially see the X-Men and Fantastic Four join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know the Disney/FOX merger is happening soon, but we still aren’t sure what’s going to happen in the grander scheme of things. Kevin Feige hasn’t really said much about it, but we know he has to be as excited as the fans to get his hands back on the beloved characters.

If a new report from ComicGenre is to be believed – we will see them in Phase 4:

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be the last proper Fox Marvel movie, presumably also the last in that continuity. The crew behind the camera has been thanked for their work but their services will not be needed any longer, as everything is moving to Disney. Apparently, the X-Men being integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a done deal, and merely awaiting the approval of the merger. Kevin Feige is “hoovering up” all of the Fox-Marvel characters, and is already planning for them all to go into Phase 4. This includes the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four. In what capacity and with what actors was not discussed.

The report adds:

Other interesting tidbits include that everyone on the Fox side is very much up in the air about their future with the company and what will happen, again pending the merger’s approval in mid-2019. That means many projects are not being put on hold per se, but the crew going forward on franchises is undecided, as Disney may take over. For example, the folks on the production side speaking explained that they worked on the forthcoming Avatar sequels and had read the next two scripts, but Jim Cameron wouldn’t give them anything further, in case they are replaced. The sequels will be, in their words, “unbelievable,” and Cameron is using up to 16 motion capture cameras for any given scene, whereas the average CGI-heavy film typically uses one at a time.

It also talks about how the studio isn’t exactly pleased with X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘s director, Simon Kinberg, which isn’t exactly surprising given his recent track history. There are some aspects of FOX’s X-Men universe that fans enjoy, like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and a few other characters, but for the most part, I think we all want to see what Kevin Feige is going to do with them. Apparently, we’ll be seeing that very soon. Here’s hoping.

What do you think of this new development? Are you excited for the characters to join the MCU? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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