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Pennywise IT: Chapter 2

‘IT: Chapter 2’ Will Feature Disturbing Scene That Fans Thought Would Be Cut

As speculation surrounding IT: Chapter 2 soars following confirmation of production, two more cast members have been revealed – and they’re involved in a very disturbing scene from the iconic Stephen King book that many fans didn’t expect to see adapted on screen.

According to Deadline, Will Beinbrink will play the abusive husband of an adult Beverly Marsh, a character that appeared in the book and miniseries. Xavier Dolan is set to play the role of Adrian Mellon. The casting of this particular character is significant as it indicates that a controversial event from early on in the book will be included in the film.

IT: Chapter 2 Will Beinbrink Xavier Dolan

The scene, which chronologically is the first murder to take place 27 years later, centers around Mellon and his boyfriend, Don Hagarty. The two men are approached by a trio of hostile, homophobic teens following the annual fair in Derry. During the attack Mellon gets thrown from the bridge after which he encounters the infamous Pennywise lurking. His murder was witnessed by both Don and one of the attackers, but both of them fail to recount the involvement of IT.

Going by the chronology of the book we can assume that this will be at the beginning of the film, and that this is the incident that prompts The Losers Club to reunite in Derry once more. Bound by blood oath to return when IT does and defeat the entity once and for all.

As well as this brutal murder it is said that the turtle, known as Maturin (the counterpart to Pennywise in the book) will feature, but only in subtle ways as it did in the first IT movie. Director Andy Muschietti has expressed that he is not a fan of the turtle and is conscious not to turn the movie into a fantasy.

IT: Chapter 2 hits theaters everywhere on September 6th, 2019.

Are Dolan and Beinbrink the right choices? Is the inclusion of this scene a good move? Let us know in the comments!

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