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Major Details About Sony’s ‘Spider-Man Universe’ Plans Revealed

Sony Pictures has had the film rights to Spider-Man and his extensive Spider-Man Universe for what seems like forever now. In their prior two attempts at laying the groundwork on a potential connected film universe, they fell flat. However, after partnering with Marvel Studios and sharing the Web Head with the MCU, Sony is now posed to make their own shoot off Spider-Verse film series.

Kicking off this universe is the upcoming Venom movie, followed at some point by the buddy crime pic, Silver & Black and the Jared Leto starring Morbius: The Living Vampire, Sony is really going at all cylinders at this universe they are creating. Now, Vulture has posted a story with all known details for the Spider-Verse.

With most details still under lock and key, and the continuing confusion as to whether Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will ever make an appearance or if this particular universe has any connection to the MCU, the article compiles what is known and what has been implied as of now.

Venom movie

While the heads at Sony couldn’t be reached, Venom producer Avi Arad did have this to say about how things are coming together with that.

“This is an origin story and we have to try and make it the beginning of a long journey. Kids love Venom. It’s something about it that attracts the anti-hero sensibility. So we are very excited.”

And, although the film is still in its fetus stage, Silver & Black is said to be a Thelma & Louise-esque comedic capper film based around Silver Sable and Black Cat. These femme fatales in Spidey’s life will be making their big screen debuts in their own film. Writer and director Emily Carmichael met with Sony about the project and has nothing but good things to say about their plans.

“I was one of the directors called in to pitch on Silver & Black. At one of my early meetings on the project I got a peek at the phonebook-sized compendium of characters Sony has the rights to, all characters tangentially related to Spider-Man. It’s a cinematic universe, all right.”

Morbius Movie Jared Leto

Hot off the news of Jared Leto cast as the lead, Morbius: The Living Vampire will bring a darker and more supernatural element to the Spider-Verse. With the rights to Blade being back with Marvel, could we possibly see another deal being made? Blade and Morbius have a long history with each other, and it could create an amazing dynamic for the film, or at least in the potential sequel.

Sony really seems to be doing the proper homework for this universe, even speaking to former Spider-Man writer, Brain Michael Bendis, about some things. And, while he can’t give anything away, he has seem some of what they have planned.

“I happen to have heard some of the plans that have not been made public. You’re asking if they’re cool? I thought they were very cool. Fans wouldn’t be annoyed with what they’re doing.”

This is just the beginning for what Sony has planned. As more information comes forward, we will keep you all informed.

What do you think of the news so far? Are you excited to see what Sony does with this film universe? Let us know in the comments below!

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