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Doctor Strange The Key To Reuniting Iron Man And Captain America In ‘Avengers 4’?

Throughout the course of Marvel Studios 10 plus years in production, they have made more than 20 films that are all interconnected in one, concise universe. And, during that decade of blockbuster nerd delight, fan theories have inundated the internet in droves. Now, while 99% of these theories have been proven false, that 1% who get something right are something to behold. Now, a new, detailed and lengthy theory, maybe one of the best we have seen in terms of the upcoming Phase 3 finale film, the still untitled Avengers 4.

Although there are some holes in the theory from YouTube user KindaCulty, lets break it down as to what is probable and what just doesn’t work. And we’ll start with the main premise of the theory: Doctor Strange is the key to uniting the Avengers (mainly Iron Man and Captain America) to finally defeat Thanos. However, how can he do that when he’s dead? Well, one of the theories discussed in the video is through Astral Projection.

Kinda Culty states that Doctor Strange’s Astral form could communicate with the remaining Avengers. This doesn’t hold up, though, as established by the Doctor Strange movie, when you die, so does your astral form (like when the Ancient One passes away, her astral form disappears).

Another idea pitched was that Doctor Strange traveled to each of the over fourteen million timelines and warned the heroes throughout each timeline. This, too, however, doesn’t hold up, as out of all of the 14,000,000 possibilities, they only win one, and its the one they are in (supposedly). If Doctor Strange was able to warn someone in each different timeline, then the heroes would have won ALL of the timelines.

Avengers 4 Doctor Strange Ant-Man and the Wasp

The third possibility deals with Strange’s knowledge of all the different realms, including the Quantum Realm. Along with Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, Strange can use the Quantum Realm to travel through to different points in time. But, what about time?

The Time Stone is another talking point of this theory. It is being touted by this theory, as well as many others, as the key to stopping Thanos. But, if that’s the case, how can they possibly use it when it is in Thanos’ possession, and now fused into the damaged gauntlet? No, the point that was missed in this theory was a key point in the post credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp that was an almost knock-you-over-the-head type of subtle.

Before Scott Lang enters the Quantum Realm, Janet Van Dyne gives him some advice, namely to avoid tripping into the Time Vortexes. This is how they can time travel without the use of the Time Stone.

Now, where Kinda Culty gets it seemingly right is the combination of the Quantum Realm tech with some Stark Tech. Namely, B.A.R.F., Tony Stark’s Binary Augmented Retro Framing. The B.A.R.F. tech has been spotted in BTS photos and, if combined with Quantum Realm tech, could very well be a portal to the past. You also see in the BTS leaks that a modern day Stark and Lang are visiting the Battle Of New York. But not Strange. So, the Time Stone theory seems highly unlikely.

Thanos Avengers 4

Another main point of this theory is where Thanos ends up after the snap. It would seem that Thanos went home to Titan, but a healthier and more lush version, as he sits at his farm, satisfied with what he has done. Now, the theory believes that Thanos used the Time Stone to go back in time to an alive version of Titan. This, however, is another hole.

Although there is some merit to his main point of time travel, considering the moon he used to try and crush Iron Man is back, why would you go through in time to a point BEFORE you actually achieved your goal in the first place? That makes no sense.

What is more likely, and Kinda Culty does throw this out there as well, is that Thanos uses the Reality Stone to bring back the Titan he loved, but with the snap intact. Or, keeping with the time travel theme, he could have gone into the distant future, where the results of the snap helped Titan thrive back to a more prosperous land (remember, the balance was Thanos’ way of helping the universe survive and thrive).

This theory video is a little over 20 minutes long, and, while it has its holes, it does cover a lot of good points, and I recommend everyone watch the video and make their own connections.

What do you think of this theory video? Do you have any theories of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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