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‘Child’s Play’ Reboot Giving Chucky Big Changes – Including New Origin

The Child’s Play series has reached an interesting peak with its franchise. While the original films’ storyline continues to be revisited with new movies and soon a TV series, MGM (who owns the original flick) is planning their very own remake. While the very thought is enough to leave any Child’s Play fan scratching their head, especially when the original franchise is doing so well, it seems to become an even more baffling project with each update.

According to, the new Child’s Play remake won’t even feature the iconic Good Guy doll possessed by Charles Lee Ray. Instead, they’re changing it up by introducing “A defective ‘Buddy doll’ whose programming code was hacked so that he has no limitations to learning and also violence.”

As if this wasn’t enough, there has also been another casting announcement which sheds more light on this unneeded remake. It seems that the movie will feature a “Chinese factory worker who commits suicide shortly after re-programming a Buddy doll to have no limitations.” Yikes.

I will say that it is interesting to see some of these plot differences. While the original series should definitely be left alone, it’s clear these changes are coming from Don Mancini’s original Child’s Play script. The original concept was titled “Blood Buddy” and followed the Buddy dolls, which had synthetic blood and whenever they were damaged they could bleed.

Child's Play Chucky Brad Dourif

In that original film, Andy makes a blood pact with his doll, implacably animating it and triggering it to go on a killing spree. It wasn’t until Tom Holland came onboard to direct that he rewrote the script to include Charles Lee Ray and all of the voodoo elements that Don Mancini was initially against.

It’s actually really funny when you realize this remake has no involvement from Mancini, considering it appears to be close to what he originally intended Child’s Play to be.

At any rate, the franchise became popular because of Charles Lee Ray and the changes that did take place. MGM producing the original concept as a remake at the same time the old series is still going strong makes no sense.

Thankfully it currently has no effect on the TV series, so if you prefer Brad Dourif’s iconic Chucky, you’re still going to get it sometime soon.

Meanwhile the Child’s Play remake is set to shoot in September.

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