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Venom Movie Rating And Runtime Have Been Revealed

Sony’s upcoming Venom movie is a pretty highly anticipated one, as many fans are wondering just how it’s going to turn out. Trailers have been pretty good, and many have hoped that it will be Rated R – like was initially hinted at. If you were one of those fans hoping for that, we have bad news for you.

Venom has officially been rated PG-13. Yep, that’s right. Sony’s film that was allegedly supposed to be a horror film in the vein of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg has gone the safe route – in order to potentially crossover with Spider-Man in the future. This was rumored last month, so it doesn’t come as a total shock, but is definitely a disappointment.

The initial rating was leaked on AMC, but has since been taken down, as you can see in the image below:

Venom Movie Rating AMC Theatres

Here’s some fan reaction:

Early tracking numbers for the film’s box office predict that it’ll break records and make somewhere in the $50-70 million range opening weekend, and many will go see it regardless, but if it holds back in terms of the violence – many will always wonder what could have been had Sony not chosen profit over quality – though that’s not to say the movie won’t end up being good, we just have our doubts.

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