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Venom Movie Post-Credits Scenes Have Been Revealed

The Venom movie is cutting corners and coming closer than ever. The fascinating villain film leaves many of us in question of just how well it will do and, at the end of it, what many rumors surrounding it will be true. For a handful of them, from the presence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to who actor Woody Harrelson will be playing, we may just have the answers we want.

Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic reports of not one, but two post-credit scenes featured in the Venom movie. These scenes seem to establish some interesting points of interest as to where the film may be heading.

A huge warning, massive Venom movie spoilers will be involved and like the symbiote, it may never be removed from your head. That being said, let us continue.

Carnage Woody Harrelson Venom Movie

The first scene (mid-credits) features the heavily rumored role Woody Harrelson plays. Eddie Brock is set for an exclusive interview in San Quentin prison, that being the infamous serial killer Cletus Kasady, the man who would become Carnage. Kasady’s appearance description is that he “wears a wig and looks like Pennywise without the clown make up on”. And a way of dropping the hint with a reference of who he will become, one line of dialogue featured from Kasady asks Brock if he wants to “hear about him being a serial killer. If he wants to hear the carnage.”

The second scene featured after the credits begins with the caption “Meanwhile, in another Spider-Verse…”, going into an exclusive preview of, what else, the other Spider-Man movie coming out titled Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It leaves no surprise in being advertised alongside, as Hardy may very well be reprising Venom as a voice for the Spider-Verse film. And the fact being a property of Sony, it seems to go hand in hand together.

So, summing up, one features a sequel or continuation to include another sinister Spider-Man villain, while the other a preview for another Sony animated film. While not a confirmation of the film’s presence of the MCU, we will just have to let time tell before Tom Holland dukes it out with Tom Hardy with the alien goop. Box office number and critical reception will likely not hurt to help either.

Venom premieres this Friday.

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