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Venom Creator Todd McFarlane Defends This Year’s Venom Movie

Now that the Venom movie has been released on Blu-Ray, the box office smash hit from Sony is back in discussion. While critics panned the film, fans seemingly loved it, having it set an October box office record. This film is Sony’s start to their Spider-verse film universe, and Venom character co-creator, Todd Mcfarlane, has come to the film’s defense.

During an interview with Yahoo, the legendary artist praised the film, but called out critics for how they got it wrong:

“It was a big roller-coaster ride. Visually, everything was coming at you. I think at times… the critics get it wrong in that they forget their age. They come in, and they’re 42 years old, and they come in with their attitude and they’re going, ‘Stop it.’ What if you were 16/15 and you were watching this movie? You would love it. This thing delivered everything it was supposed to. It was gnarly, it was nasty, it had a big cool Venom, which was what I was looking for. [That] was my bias — I just wanted to see the visualness of Venom that I had created 30 years prior. I didn’t think that Spider-Man 3 did that right.”

That is definitely high praise from the man who knows the character probably better than anyone. His seal of approval definitely carries some weight, and if the current home sales are any indication, fans are really digging the film as well. Sony is jumping off of the success of Venom with several other projects involving characters from Spider-man’s lore, including a Venom sequel, a Morbius solo film (starring Jared Leto), a Black Cat solo flick, and a Silver Sable solo movie.

While it is still uncertain if Spidey will appear in any of these films, if Sony takes what was successful from Venom and sifts out what didn’t work, these movies could be incredibly successful! Also, I think we all agree with his take on Spider-Man 3.

What do you think of McFarlane’s words? Let us know in the comments below!

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