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Spider-Man’s Next Movie Villain May Have Been Revealed

Spider-Man: Far From Home turned out to be one crazy ride for Peter Parker. But, it looks like the future may be even crazier. The fan favorite film is crushing it at the box office right now, and has been a great epilogue to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ‘Infinity Saga’ as well as a stepping stone for the future of Phase 4 and beyond. But, after that crazy mid-credits scene, Peter Parker’s life is about to be flipped upside down.


Speaking with Uproxx, director Jon Watts revealed that Kraven the Hunter would be his ideal next villain. And, considering that Mysterio’s final illusion was making Spidey look like a villain, and releasing his real identity to the world, the door is wide open for a MCU take on ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’. Bringing in Kraven and this story would make for an amazing movie.

For those unaware of this character, you’re in for a treat. Kraven is the ultimate hunter, having successfully hunted every major predator on Earth, except for one. Kraven saw that metahumans would be the greatest hunt of all, and Spidey was the ultimate choice. His agility, strength, and Spidey sense made him the best opponent. ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’ was one of Spider-Man’s greatest storylines ever. Now that Spidey has been labeled a villain, a bounty could be placed on his head, bringing the world’s greatest hunter in to collect. Adapting this story to fit in the MCU would be easy, and make for an incredible film.

Kraven was rumored to get his own film in the Sony Spidey-verse, but so was Mysterio, and we saw him in Spider-Man: Far From Home, so Kraven is definitely not off limits.

Would you want to see Kraven as the next villain? Let us know in the comments below!

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