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‘Moon Knight’ Series Rumored To Feature Dracula And Werewolf By Night

Marvel Studios is set to bring a ton of fan favorite characters to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the new media outlet of the Disney+ Streaming Service. Arguably, the most anticipated character coming to the screen has got to be Moon Knight. The avatar for an Egyptian Moon God with multiple personality issues, Moon Knight is a bit of Marvel’s answer to Batman, but with more aggression and mental instability. The character has long since had a bit of a cult following amongst fans and has been at the top of everyone’s live action wish list. At one point Keanu Reeves was rumored for the role, and recently Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, has been tagged as the front runner for the show. Now, a new rumor has some potential characters that could be joining the series.

The latest rumor is that Werewolf By Night and Dracula will be a part of the streaming series. Now, before we dive too much into this, let me reiterate that this is a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt. The person reporting this, Daniel RPK, is known to have about a 50/50 success rate with his rumors, however, he has also been right on a few, and these characters do make sense for the series. (It should be noted that this rumor is on his Patreon page, which you have to pay for).

Moon Knight first appeared in an issue of Werewolf By Night as an antagonist, before realizing that the titular character was not a monster, but a hero. Moon Knight has also had several run ins with Dracula, and the inclusion of the vampire could tie this series into the upcoming Marhasala Ali-led Blade reboot.

If this rumor ends up being true, this will be a great dynamic to see in the series. And, it would seem that Marvel is leaning more towards a bit of a horror aspect with this phase, especially with the Dr. Strange sequel being the first official horror film for the MCU, and direct ties to several Disney+ series. Hopefully this rumor is either confirmed or debunked quickly as official details start to make their way online.

Would you like to see Werewolf By Night and Dracula in Moon Knight? Let us know in the comments below!

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