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Amber Heard & Ezra Miller Will Reportedly Return In Future DC Films

The year has been incredibly eye opening when it comes to celebrities and various ongoing controversies. For example, actress Amber Heard has been the center of some massive accusations by her ex-husband Johnny Depp and various others as the two continue to become involved with varying lawsuits. Meanwhile, Warner Bros’ The Flash actor Ezra Miller has since been involved in a controversy much like Amber Heard after a video was released featuring the actor as he choked and forced a woman to the ground.

While many have been siding with Johnny Depp in his lawsuits against Amber Heard and The Sun, Warner Bros – who has cast Amber Heard in their Aquaman film franchise – has yet to have taken any action. Likewise, Ezra Miller hasn’t been charged or investigated for the actions he made in a recorded video.

Obviously there have been mentions of the two being removed from their respective franchises for quite awhile. But nothing official had ever been made clear, and now it seems that Warner Bros still isn’t actually interested in taking action again Amber Heard or Ezra Miller.

According to a new scoop from Mikey Sutton via YouTube’s Pop Culture Minefield, Warner Bros will continue both Aquaman and The Flash with Amber Heard and Ezra Miller each maintaining their respective roles, along with any other Warner Bros projects they’ve been attached to.

Regarding Amber Heard, we actually reported back in February that the actress was unlikely to lose her role in Aquaman 2. Considering from all of the petitions and fan backlash, that Warner Bros still never took any action against Heard or Ezra Miller, then it seems reasonable to say they don’t plan to. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens and how the various situations will continue to escalate.

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