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‘Justice League’ Post-Credits Scene With Green Lantern Was Apparently Cut

There were quite a few deleted scenes in shown in the trailers for Justice League that didn’t make the theatrical cut, and apparently, we can add one post-credits scene to that growing list. Green Lantern, a character long rumored to cameo in the movie, was noticeably absent. According to a recent Reddit post (via We Got This Covered), a scene with Green Lantern was actually cut early on in Post-Production:

“The original after credit scene that was shot in principal photography was Bruce being woken in the night in his lake house by a green light and being visited by Tomar Re and Kilowog. It was cut fairly early on during post.”

It looks like quite a few things were cut. It’s also fairly obvious that the film we got in theaters wasn’t Zack Snyder’s cut. It’s good to take these things with a grain of salt, but sometimes they can be slightly accurate, as the Green Lantern spoilers we had initially reported on back in September said the following:

Superman flies down in front of the Kent Farm and punches something big. It’s said the object is unknown because it was done using green boxes with motion-capture markers, so the leaker doesn’t know what Superman actually punched, but it’s said to be something really big (the green boxes are used for CGI purposes and get replaced digitally in post-production).

We can speculate it may be a Parademon that goes to the Kent Farm possibly looking for Clark Kent or Superman, which means Steppenwolf knows all about the Justice League members and possibly their real identities (assuming our guess is correct).

The leaker also adds that he/she hasn’t seen any footage of Superman in the black suit or with a beard, but the footage he/she has seen has been with the red and blue Superman costume.

Fans have petitioned Warner Bros. for a release of Zack Snyder’s Directors Cut, though it doesn’t seem likely to happen at this point. Snyder himself has said he hasn’t seen the version currently playing in theaters:

“I will be honest, I have not seen the film since I stepped away. You know I love these characters. I wish only I could only finish it for you and the others who love MOS, BvS.”

Having seen the movie, I can say that I personally enjoyed it, but I’d still like to see Snyder’s original version. Here’s hoping it happens in the form of a special edition release. Why not? The version that is currently playing in theaters was critically panned, so it’s not like they’d be hurting themselves. If anything, they’d be making more money by marketing to Snyder fans that will undoubtedly purchase the director’s cut.

Did you like Justice League? Would you like to see Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments!

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