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Tom Hardy Confirms VENOM Movie Follows ‘Lethal Protector’ Storyline

Tom Hardy reportedly confirmed rumors at the Sao Paulo Comic Con Experience that the upcoming Venom movie will follow after the Lethal Protector comic book miniseries.

Venom has a lot of buzz surrounding it. It is the first of an intended series of spin-offs from Sony using the Spider-Man universe of characters. Each sequel will follow members of the Rogues’ Gallery. At the moment, it looks like the films will not be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but who knows what the future could bring?

Some of the bigger Spider-Man fans have been wondering how these films will work without the web-slinger, but according to Hardy, it will work by basing it on a popular Venom story.

Sao Paulo’s Comic Con Experience has been the jumping off point for the launch of the marketing of Sony’s Venom. There, Tom Hardy reportedly sent a message to fans stating his promise to do Venom justice. It’s said that Hardy has also stated the film will be “important” in the MCU. He also went on to say that the film would be based on the 1993 Venom story, Lethal Protector.

venom lethal protector

This angle looks right, and might be the only way a Venom film sans Spider-Man would work. Lethal Protector is where we got the Venom we know today. In this story, Eddie Brock and Spider-Man come to an agreement where Brock will no longer commit crimes and Spider-Man leaves him to live in peace, essentially forgiving him of his past transgressions.

The stipulation is that he would have to move away from the city, so he moves to San Francisco. Of course, once there is trouble, it never quite leaves. He meant to follow through on his promise, but Life Foundation followed him to San Francisco to try and create five new symbiote spawns from him.

This story makes way for Carnage, who is one of Marvel’s hardest villains. He was created when the symbiote merged with a psychopathic murderer. The rumors about who will play the host, Cletus Kasady, are that it is Riz Ahmed.

More buzz has been created over Hardy’s comment that the Venom movies will be important to the MCU. There has been major confusion over whether or not they will be included in the MCU.

Spider-Man: Homecoming’s producer, Amy Pascal, stated the films would exist in the same universe as the MCU back in June, then retracted her comments by stating the spin-offs were based on stories from the MCU. Most fans are excited about the films because they hope Sony will make them R-rated, whereas Spider-Man and other MCU films are PG-13.

Hardy’s comments on whether or not the MCU will include Venom are subjective at this point. However, it will be one of the more anticipated films of net year because of the comic book it follows.

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