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Kevin Feige Says Some Marvel Characters Aren’t “Home” Yet

Kevin Feige is no stranger in our articles right now, with Avengers: Infinity War hitting the big screen soon and other amazing movies being filmed. He has taken many of our beloved comics and turned them into live action films making all our childhood dreams come true. As the head of Marvel Studios, you would only assume that he has complete control of all Marvel characters, but the reality is far from that.

According to an interview Feige did with Entertainment Weekly, there are still a few Marvel characters floating around that he wants to see come back. In a very vague response to EW’s question about if all characters are home he states that it would take the deal with FOX to have the majority back in the MCU’s grasp.

“There are some with a couple of other players involved that would have to be negotiated with. Then, of course, Spider-Man is still with Sony, independent of our agreement to do the films together. But most of them are home now. If that Fox thing happens, yeah, that’ll be the majority.”

As some are aware, Spider-Man is owned by Sony but what some don’t know is that The Hulk’s solo movie rights are actually owned by Universal. Of course, MCU has the right to show the hulk and Bruce Banner at any time but are not allowed to do a stand-alone movie with those characters. Another character that universal has their hand in is Namor. The grasp on that character is much tighter than that of The Hulk, and MCU would have to get a deal in place to allow Namor to be used in the franchise.

Besides Spidey and The Hulk having the rights outside of MCU, we also know that X-Men and Fantastic 4 are not home yet. They are part of 21st century fox. Hopefully with Disney striking a potential deal to purchase all of FOX, it should not be too hard to bring the majority of the MCU’s characters home to where they belong. That may leave a little to a lot more room to work with while trying to attempt every childhood dream comic book fans have, seeing those heroes and villains on the big screen!

What characters would you like to see ‘come home’ to the Marvel cinematic universe? What movies are you hoping for in the future? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments!

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