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‘Alien’ TV Series Reportedly Picked Up By A Streaming Service

Alien is the type of property that could easily have a TV series, and enough fans for it to be successful. Though the Box Office of the recent films hasn’t been “Blockbuster” worthy, it still makes a pretty good amount of money. Alien: Covenant left a sour taste in some fans’ mouths, so it’s not exactly a surprise that a TV series has been rumored.

Back in July, the series was rumored to be in development, and now, a new report suggests that it’s been picked up by a streaming service. The report comes from Mr. H Reviews, who says the Alien TV series is definitely happening, and that it has at the very least found a streaming service. He says it’s pretty much confirmed they have a streaming service – but doesn’t report which one.

The report also doesn’t have any plot details, episode number, etc. The rumor back in July had said that due to budget limitations, the series may follow colonists or colonial marines of the LV-426 within the Alien universe. Hopefully that doesn’t mean there will be a lack of Xenomorphs in it – like the last couple of movies have had. Alien fans want Xenomorphs.

Disney Alien Predator 20th Century FOX

This is an interesting report due to the fact that the FOX deal is currently about to be completed with Disney, in which Disney will have all 20th Century FOX properties. We highly doubt that Disney would put something as dark as Alien on their streaming service, so if if this is happening, we have no idea what service it could be on. The July report had speculated something like FX, but this new report says it’s a streaming service. Technically, you can stream FX, right?

It’s also interesting to point out that with the box office of The Predator, this could also be the next home for that character as well. Here’s hoping for a connected universe that delivers more than the Alien vs. Predator franchise did.

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