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Bryan Singer Reportedly AWOL On Sets Of ‘Days Of Future Past’ And ‘Apocalypse’

The Fox version of the X-Men Film Franchise was come to an uneventful end. X-Men: Dark Phoenix has bombed at the box office, and fans are all too eager to see Marvel treat their Merry Mutants correctly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to the acquisition of Fox by Disney. It would seem, however, that the drama from the films isn’t regulated to just on screen and in the board room. It’s no secret that the man in the director’s chair for over half of the franchise, Bryan Singer, is immersed in controversy. Now, a new report suggests that the controversy spilled over into the X-Men films.

According to Deadline, Bryan Singer went AWOL several times during the filming of Days of Future Past and Apocalypse. Getting the film finished fell upon his his cinematographer and editor/composer, Newton Thomas Seigel and John Ottman, respectively. This is not really shocking news, considering it is widely known that Singer went AWOL several times during the filming of Bohemian Rhapsody, as well as feuding with star, Rami Malek, before ultimately being dismissed from the project all together.

Bryan’s reps stated adamantly that he never went AWOL from these films, but this is by far not the only, nor biggest, controversy surrounding Singer. He is currently under suspicion of sexual assault with minors, as previously reported. His reps are in full damage control mode at this point, trying to silence any more issues with the director than what’s already on the table. It is far easier to believe it did happen, however, considering the continuous string of behavior present.

We have most likely seen the last of Bryan Singer in Hollywood. Even if he is fully acquitted of all charges (which seems unlikely), his continuously disruptive behavior as a director will keep him from working, at least on anything big, again.

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