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MCU Daredevil Jessica Jones

Netflix’s Daredevil And Jessica Jones May Be Introduced Into The MCU

Netflix may have axed their Marvel shows. But their cancellation was not due to low ratings. At least not for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Punisher. And since they were canceled before the contract was up, there is still some time before anyone else can touch those characters. Fans have rallied a #SaveDaredevil campaign. And such actors as Vincent D’Onofrio and Tom Hiddleston have shown their support. Also, there’s the rumor that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and D’Onofrio’s Kingpin may appear in Spider-Man 3. And according to a new report, not only could Daredevil appear in the MCU, but also Jessica Jones.

MCU Cosmic reports that two of the Defenders from Netflix may appear in future MCU films. Their report states,

“It sounds like someone very important at Marvel Studios really liked Daredevil and Jessica Jones, so at the very least it sounds like the characters will live on in the MCU. This does not mean the Netflix series as you remember them are being revived or brought back.”

This important someone wants Cox and Krysten Ritter to reprise their roles. Hopefully, this aligns with the reports of D’Onofrio reprising his as well.

These reports are amid the news that Jeph Loeb might be leaving Marvel Television. Also, Inhumans might be rebooted on Disney Plus with Ms. Marvel.

The Marvel properties on the small screen have not been as popular as those on the big screen. But most can agree on at least Daredevil. His culmination of the other Netflix shows, The Defenders, wasn’t as acclaimed as his own show. But Jessica Jones and Punisher have served to be almost as popular as Daredevil.

Spider-Man 3 would be a good place for Cox, D’Onofrio, and Ritter. The web-slinger has a history with all three. He’s teamed up with Daredevil on many occasions to battle their mutual enemy, Wilson Fisk. And Jones has admitted to having a crush on Peter Parker in the comics.

The report states that we probably won’t see a revival of these shows. So don’t expect that. The Disney Plus shows will have the light tone from the movies, compared to the grittiness of those on Netflix. Though, they would fit in with Hellstrom on Hulu. But I can agree with introducing them to the movies.

Spider-Man 3 has been scheduled for July 16th, 2021. Casting announcements will probably start sometime next year. So keep an ear out for these Defender favorites. And for further developments, Screen Geek will keep you updated.

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