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Tommy Wiseau’s Bizarre Audition Tape For The Joker

In regards to a character like The Joker, an ‘Over-the-top’ performance may actually work in the actor’s favor, although likely not when that performance is coming from Tommy Wiseau, the madcap director behind cult hit, The Room. This can be evidenced by a recent comedy skit released online courtesy of Nerdist.

The short skit features Wiseau in full Heath Ledger get-up auditioning for the role of The Joker, presumably for the upcoming film. In the over the top style he is known for, Wiseau delivers lines of dialogue made famous by the characters appearance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Tim Burton’s Batman. Check it out.

During the audition he is joined by his friend and The Room co-star, Greg Sestero as Batman or as Wiseau pronounces it ‘Batmen’. The pair use the audition to reenact the scene where The Joker talks about how they’re destined to do it forever.

Wiseau has been an internet favorite since The Room became a cult hit on the midnight screening circuit. Recently he has returned to the public eye with the release of The Disaster Artist, the James Franco directed feature based on Sestero’s memoirs of the production on The Room. Whilst it’s difficult to sometimes tell whether Wiseau is putting on a persona or being serious, I think it’s safe to say he’s in on the joke here.

The Joker is currently being portrayed by Jared Leto in the DC Extended Universe although it is currently rumored that the role will be taken by either Joaquin Phoenix or Leonardo DiCaprio in the upcoming origin film coming from Hangover director Todd Phillips.

Wiseau’s next film, Best F(r)iends, is set to released in two parts, the first hitting March 30th with the second coming later in June.

What do you think? What do you make of Wiseau? Do you think he would make a good Mr J? Let us know below!

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